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Data stager

Gompute HPC Data Stager

The Gompute Data Stager is a high performance file transfer system which utilizes sophisticated algorithms and techniques to maximize bandwidth utilization and adapt to link congestion over high latency corporate WANs. The Data Stager has been designed in a client server model making it ideal for providing high performance file transfer capabilities to enterprise data transfer use cases. Generally used in HPC environments where large amounts of data is generated, the Data Stager technology can also be used in non-HPC environments where there is a need to move around massive amounts of data.


Designed to move large files over long distances, Gompute Datastager is an efficient filetransfer tool


Keep your multiple sites in sync using Datastager


Implement Datastager in your workflow to stage your data, compute it and return the results


Using industry standard encryption.


Why Gompute HPC Data Stager?


The Data Stager includes a big data Analytics system providing useful insights into the health and utilization of corporate WANs which are used for transferring the data. Operation teams can get real time information on the health of the data transfer networks and take appropriate actions to continue providing the required Service Level to their customers.


The data Stager can be configured to use TLS for data transfers. This ensures that your data is always safe when on transit between sites on your corporate WAN.

Link Transfer Method File Size Time
290ms RTT with 3us jitter SCP 4 GB 654 secs
290ms RTTwith 3us jitter Data Stager 4 GB 126 secs

High performance

The Data Stager is designed to be highly performant on high latency WAN links. The table aside gives an idea on the difference in speeds between traditional file transfer method scp and the Data Stager. Note that, performance is influenced by the environment in which the tests were conducted. The performance you can expect on your network could be better or worse than what is shown aside.


The following picture shows a typical deployment of Data Stager on a corporate WAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Operating Systems

Redhat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 6.2, 6.4, 6.5, 7.0.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11sp1, 11sp2, 11sp3.
Microsoft® Windows® Vista or higher.