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Since 2002, Gompute has been helping OpenFOAM® users to manage their internal HPC resources, burst or completely outsource their compute capacity in a flexible manner using Gompute On Demand.

Architected and designed for CAE workloads, Gompute On Demand offers an easy and flexible solution to launch OpenFOAM® in a flexible environment. In order to deliver high performance  Gompute operates with bare-metal, Infiniband interconnected compute nodes with large memory configurations. The most common  OpenFOAM® releases are pre-installed in the system, as well as many useful toolkits (Swak4Foam, pyFoam etc.)


 Evaluate running OpenFOAM® in Gompute

Gompute will explain the advantages of our solution, understand your problems and and help you to choose the best hardware for your requirements. Users can run a test in Gompute to evaluate the platform and scalability of their own cases.  A Gompute CAE Engineer will help you through the whole trial period, and help you with the integration/compilation of your own solvers or scripts if needed.

Paraview or any other pre-processor can be used directly in the Gompute Remote Desktop, saving you time to transfer large files with the option to create very large or complex meshes.  

 Choose your solution

As all companies are different (and so are their needs), in Gompute we believe in providing our users with a personalized solution. Either if you just have one project or you want to outsource your whole HPC, Gompute can offer you a pay-per-use or a private dedicated cloud environment.

On Premise

Make use of the Gompute environment for your internal HPC resources and build your Enterprise Cloud , or as a hybrid solution combining internal resources plus our HPC Cloud.  

Private cloud

Get fully dedicated hardware to outsource “steady” capacity or burst individual projects. With a private cloud you can get a tailored solution for short or long terms. 

Bursting Capacity

Our Pay-per-use solution can help users with intermittent needs for large/multiple simulations, or working on a project basis. 

 OpenFOAM® in Gompute Case-study


Which OpenFOAM versions are ready to use in Gompute?

We have a long list of versions ready to use in Gompute, from  openfoam.com (ESI-OpenCFD), openfoam.org (OpenFOAM foundation) and foam-extend  versions. We do weekly updates for new patches to ensure all versions are up-to-date. Any custom version can be installed upon request, so we will take care of all the compilation and cluster integration steps.  

Can I use other tools to run OpenFOAM in Gompute?

Yes: You can run your favourite meshers, GUIs, optimization tools or postprocessors. For some of them you might need a license, that we can install in Gompute for you or fetch from your license server (ISV conditions might apply). 

Can I do remote Pre- and Post- processing?

Yes, we have nodes with large memory and graphic cards available. This means that you can mesh directly in the cloud, or  post-process and just download what you want to keep. 

Where is my data?

In our data center, in Sweden. 

Do you provide benchmark data?

We can share some benchmark data, but we prefer you to test your own cases. Your model (Mesh, phisycs, boundary conditions…) can give very different scalability results, so the best option is to benefit from the free test.

About OpenFOAM®

OPENFOAM®  is a registered trade mark of OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software. This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Ltd, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software via www.openfoam.com and owner of the OPENFOAM®  and OpenCFD® trademarks.