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Run CONVERGE in the Gompute Cloud


Run larger cases or analyze more complex phenomena,  simulate more engine cycles in a day or just run several simulations at the same time: There is always a good reason to run CONVERGE in the cloud.


Private or Bursting

All companies are different, so are their needs. For those workgroups that are looking for dedicated resources for a certain project, or just want a long-term HPC solution to outsource all their simulations; Gompute can provide a private cloud. 

When needs are occasional or workload varies, users can get access to Gompute’s Bursting cluster: a Pay-as-you-go solution that gives maximum flexibility, boosted by bare-metal nodes.

CONVERGE is pre-integrated and optimized to give users the best performance when running in the Gompute HPC Cloud.    


Remote Visualization


Reduce data transfer by doing remote pre- and post-processing with CONVERGE Studio, Tecplot or other applications directly in the cloud. Our NVIDIA powered graphic nodes with large memory configurations can handle those big models that do not fit in your regular workstation, so there is no need to simplify the models anymore, just get more accurate results instead.


Free Test

Just fill in our contact form and we will contact you to give you access to the platform (no credit card or banking account details needed). Our support team will help you to onboard as well as during the testing phase. They can also contact Convergent Science to get a test license for you. 

If after the test you want to use the Gompute HPC Cloud our sales team will help you to find a solution tailored to your needs. Note that you need a CONVERGE license to run in Gompute, so you can use your own license server that we can connect to the cloud, or we can host a new license for you (please contact Convergent Science for licensing options and costs).


About Convergent Science

Convergent Science is an innovative, rapidly expanding computational fluid dynamics (CFD) company. Our flagship product, CONVERGE, is a revolutionary CFD software with truly autonomous meshing capabilities that eliminate the grid generation bottleneck from the simulation process. CONVERGE easily accommodates complex moving geometries and features state-of-the-art physical models and a robust, fully coupled detailed chemistry solver so you can take on the hard CFD problems. Convergent Science is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and has offices in the United States, Europe, and India and distributors worldwide.