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Gompute Private Cloud


A ready to use HPC resource

CFD, FEM, Electronics… The simulation world is wide and we have the expertise to provide you with an efficient platform for your calculations.  Access dedicated hardware and applications pre-installed so your teams can focus on their simulations.

Short or long term

A project that runs a few days or in need of extra capacity to be manged by a dedicated HPC team:
The Gompute private cloud is a alternative to in-house maintained systems, or a solution to complement your internal cloud with extra capacity.

One Platform for your HPC

Hardware, Software and support


Customize Connection

Connect over the internet, IP whitelisting, VPN or dedicated connection. Since we operate our data center, we can be an extension of your internal IT. 

Gompute Support

Your engineers need to focus on their simulations, we take care of the rest. From CAE Engineers to IT experts, our team will support you.


Applications from different vendors, ready to use (tuned and tested) on a single platform.

Remote Visualization

From Meshing to post-processing, the work can be done in the Cloud to avoid large data transfers.

Move your workflows

Own developed solvers or scripts?  Let us help with the transition or improve your workflows.


Save costs and gain flexibility by expanding your resources only when needed.

Hardware tailored for HPC

Choose hardware from the options in our pool or get help to configure a solution for your workloads. Gompute has partnered with several hardware vendors allowing us to customize and give you a cost effective solution tailored to your needs. We offer a free trial, to test your workloads and ensure you benefit from your choice.

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