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Dr. Louis Carlioz, will present Tetra Pak® strategy towards en End to End capability on the upcoming NAFEMS webinar on 10th of June 2021. As can be read in the event abstract, Dr. Carlioz will go through the Modelling and Simulation strategy, and also the reasons for expanding the HPC capabilities and transitioning workstation users in different sites:

[…] part of our HPC cluster was up for renewal. We used this opportunity to analyse what is possible today and decided to increase significantly our on-premises cluster in Sweden. This was motivated by the fact that we will gather all our “calculations” on the HPC cluster from several locations and transition users that previously were using their own workstations. We will tell some of our findings and why this was the best option for Tetra Pak®.

Dr. Louis Carlioz obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in Grenoble, France in 2009. Since then, he has been employed at Tetra Pak working in R&D. Dr. Carlioz started in Modena, Italy, before moving to Lund, Sweden. His background is in induction heating simulation, having worked mainly with electromagnetism for 8 years. Since 2019, Dr. Carlioz has been the Modelling & Simulation strategy driver for Tetra Pak, guiding the company’s approach this from a global perspective.

Tetra Pak® is one of the world leaders in food & beverage packaging and processing, thanks to its iconic paperboard packages.

Modelling & Simulation (M&S) has been used for several decades at Tetra Pak®. Therefore, in some areas, our engineers have achieved some tremendous successes in terms of what is possible to represent virtually. Moreover, with the simulation results it is possible to predict, reduce time, risk and cost in product development.

Dr. Louis Carlioz

M&S Strategy Driver, Tetra Pak