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LS-DYNA and Formtech case study



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Business and engineering challenge

For SME’s active in a cyclic market like motorsports it is important to be able to access HPC resources at the time of demand without the high capital expense of perpetual HPC infrastructure. Relying on in house computing capacity not only limits other tasks by occupying workstations, but also reduces the number of iterations and the level of detail of simulations.



Utilisation of technology

Formtech produced the input cases locally and uploaded the files to Gompute On Demand. GomputeXplorer allowed an easy job submission and monitoring of the solver runs. Thanks to the remote desktop solution, Formtech could conduct a first post-processing remotely , thus only final data had to be downloaded.


Benefit of using Gompute

The Gompute HPC service enabled Formtech to provide a state of art service to its customers. In particular, dynamic simulations of composite parts and vehicles in crash events have been conducted taking advantage of the Gompute computing power to solve models with large meshes and small time steps. Using Gompute’s HPC cluster has reduced the development time by more than half and increased the efficiency, which allowed Formtech to deliver on the most challenging time scales. Gompute has been very responsive at all times to changing needs of hardware and its technical team showed a great dedication to support.









About Formtech

Formtech Composites Ltd is a leading supplier of composite parts and engineering services to the automotive, motorsport and aerospace industry. Formtech supplies high quality composite parts for body work and structural components. Formtech can provide design engineering as well as calculation and simulation.



About LSTC

Headquartered in Livermore, California, Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) develops LS-DYNA and a suite of related and supporting engineering software products. LSTC is focused on technical excellence and support. The worldwide growth of the LS-DYNA user base is attributable to both the quality of LSTC’s software and the extraordinary efforts regularly made by the technical staff to ensure customer satisfaction.