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Invenco and Gompute case study

  Ivenco1   Business Challenge INVENCO uses numerical simulations to solve engineering problems for their customers. The company is specialized in engineering design and FEM calculations for structures and crash safety systems for transport means, including automotive and rolling stock markets. These sectors have specific requirements when using simulations to prove and optimize appropriate parameters of structures as: static analysis, fatigue analysis and,  the most time-consuming, crash analysis. However, the most challenging cases are those related to  rolling stock crash analysis, due to the model size and long computation time required.     Invenco2     Nowadays Gompute OnDemand is included in most of our full scale crash simulations, since we are convinced that fast computing helps to overcome the time challenge. Piotr Bartkowski. R&D Engineer Solution The rail industry is a specific business where large emphasis is put on meeting agreed deadlines. Specification of vehicle structure, even when based on a single design platform, can be very different depending on final end-user needs. To meet and quickly adapt to customer demands Invenco relies in  Gompute On demand, a ready to use HPC cloud service. The first use of Gompute On demand for HPC needs was a contract for crash calculations of a multiple units of a complex train model. It had to be composed of great number of elements, and moreover an assessment of multiple crash scenarios was required. Therefore, flexible and easy access to a professional HPC resource was essential. In this situation, the services of Gompute were a perfect fit. The main reason for choosing Gompute was the possibility to use a pre-configured environment with the LS-Dyna solver and availability Infiniband connected modern processors, combined with tools as remote 3D workstations. Furthermore, the access to skilled HPC and CAE engineers that supports the Gompute on-demand service and its users  influenced the decision. Without access to the extra computation capacity it would not have been possible to meet the deadlines and provide the customer with needed simulation results.   About INVENCO INVENCO is an independent R&D company located in Warsaw, Poland, which uses a wide scope of an engineering knowledge combined with modern CAE methods to solve structural engineering problems. The main area of INVENCO services are the conceptual and detailed design based on engineering simulation for a wide scope of vehicle body engineering problems. INVENCO offers competent solutions for crash, statics, highly nonlinear statics, vibration and fatigue including metallic materials and fiber reinforced composites for automotive and rolling stock markets. The company has deep experience concerning other innovative projects like sport vehicles and is entering the emerging advanced drone engineering sector. To learn more, please visit www.invenco.pl   About DynaMORE DYNAmore is dedicated to support engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems numerically. DynaMORE tools to model and solve the problems are the finite element software LS-DYNA as solver and LS-OPT for optimization. With 85 engineers in Europe DynaMORE sells, teaches, supports, and co-develops the software and provides engineering services.