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Gompute HPC Cloud

High Performance Computing since 2002


Powered by bare metal compute nodes

Gompute provides a flexible HPC platform for CAE workflows and simulations. Our compute node capacity delivered in the service are bare-metal, equipped with a high-speed,low-latency interconnect and large memory options.


High Speed / low latency interconnect for your workloads. 


Tailored for CAE workloads, with at least 4 GB RAM/Core.


OpenGL Graphic cards for remote Pre-Post processing. 

Private Cloud

Access dedicated hardware to outsource “steady” capacity or burst individual projects. With a private cloud from Gompute you can get a tailored solution for short or long terms. 

Bursting Capacity

Our Pay-per-use solution can help users with intermittent needs for large/multiple simulations, or working on a project basis.

Keep track of your usage

Analyze the resources used by each project with Gompute Analytics:

Insight about nodes, simulations, application licenses and storage in a single place.    

"The access and use to Gompute computational facilities allows us to perform the large number of fully parametric numerical studies mandatory to devise accurate propeller performance, covering a wide range of operational conditions within a timeframe that outperformed the expected computational time compared to previous experience with other HPCs used before. "

Felipe Sánchez, Knud E. Hansen 

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