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HPC Cloud

Gompute on-demand is a High Performance Computing cloud service.

Why use the Gompute HPC cloud?

Access to large capacity

Get access to the required amount of computing power for your project.

Pre integrated applications

At Gompute, we ensure your application of choice is integrated and ready to run, allowing you to focus on your simulations.
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Technical support

Professional technical support both in hardware and software.

Remote Desktop

Move your workstation to the cloud and couple it with the WAN Accelerator to tackle your latency challenges.
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Data transfer

Accelerate your data transfers with state of the art tools from Gompute.
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Monitor your activity

Our analytic solution helps your gain insight into your HPC projects.

True HPC performance

Make the best out of your licenses by using bare metal hardware.

Large memory options

Think and run bigger using our different memory options.

Low latency networking

Get the most out of your runs using Infiniband interconnect.


Enjoy a large number of pre-integrated applications in Gompute. Additional applications can be integrated and configured upon request.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Analysis of a vertical wind tunnel

With the power of the ANSYS and Gompute combination, Keelwit has performed mesh dependency studies, sensitivity analyses, optimization, transient and non-transient simulations (analyse the turbulence induced vibrations on different components) and complex thermal analyses for the cooling system design and hot air recirculation minimization. The configuration selected was a 32-core cluster with a 2 HPC-pack architecture on the Gompute servers.

Thanks to the ANSYS FLUENT and Gompute package we have ensured that we have reached the accuracy level our clients required for our turbulence and heat transfer calculations. Thus we have been able to implement real modifications on their equipment and thoroughly optimise our designs. These modifications, designed by KeelWit Technology, have shown an outstanding level of performance at our clients’ premises.



Jose Maria Cancer

CEO-CFO, Keelwit

Moving to a cloud environment cost-effectively increases the speed and scale of ANSYS Fluent simulations at Zitron

We ran ANSYS Fluent in a “ready-to-go,” extremely robust hosted environment — an improvement from employing eight processing cores internally to using a flexible 128-core dedicated cluster privately managed by HPC experts at Gompute.

The new hosted solution resulted in a significant increase in computing capacity and simulation speed, at a lower cost of ownership than building an internal cluster.The new capacity was launched much faster than securing internal hardware resources.

The productivity of Zitron engineers has improved, because they can remotely access a best-in-class HPC environment for CAE — including visualization, job submission and data management.

Customer responsiveness and satisfaction have increased because of faster project turnaround.

ANSYS works directly with Gompute to resolve any support cases, minimizing the involvement of Zitron’s engineering team components.

Ana Belén Amado

Mining Engineer, Zitron

Engineering solutions for the transportation market

The use of Gompute HPC Cloud allowed us to satisfy  our customer expectations in case of a full scale multiple unit train crash simulation according to EN-15227 standard. We would not be able to provide sufficient computing power with our own resources.

The main reason for choosing Gompute was the possibility to use a pre-configured environment with the LS-Dyna solver and availability Infiniband connected modern processors, combined with tools as remote 3D workstations. Furthermore, the access to skilled HPC and CAE engineers that supports the Gompute on-demand service and its users influenced the decision.

Without access to the extra computation capacity it would not have been possible to meet the deadlines and provide the customer with needed simulation results.

Marian H. Ostrowski

CEO-CTO , Invenco

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimal technical requirements?

The only requirements customers need to access Gompute are the following:

  • Internet connection (faster than 512 kbits/s)
  • Open SSH (22) and SSL (443)
  • Internet browser with Java TM 8 enabled
How do I get started?

Please use the contact form to provide a brief description of your requirements. The technical team will respond to work out a solution for you. Once the configuration and price has been agreed, the technical team will provide you with the login details to access to your private cluster.

Can I get price for the hardware and software license together?

This is ISV dependent. Gompute has several Software licenses available on demand. Please contact us to know if your application license usage can be issued by Gompute.

Where will the application license be hosted?

Licenses can be fetched alternatively from the Gompute internal license server, customers onsite license server or third party license servers.