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Gompute User Meting is an event that gathers all aspects related to Simulation and Technical Computing.

Gompute User Meeting 2015 – Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Göteborg, Sweden

May 5 – 8.00-17.00, May 6 – 9.00-16.00

Discover the latest simulation and HPC software developments.

Learn about how the Gompute HPC Cloud platform delivers comprehensive HPC and where it is used.

Meet experienced analysts.

Meet colleagues active in the field of technical computing and simulation.

Attend workshops on latest techniques in HPC and simulation tools

At the 2015 Gompute User Meeting, Engineers, Scientific users, Designers, Contractors, Analysts, Academics, Managers and Executives will meet up and share best practices and tips from the experience.

This convention of Comprehensive Technical Computing is free of charge for attendees, and here you can meet engineers and experts of several related fields in order to improve your engineering and simulations skills.

Topics: Simulation Tools, Simulation Techniques, Computing hardware, High Performance Computing, HPC Cloud, Remote Visualization