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CoolSim to run on Gompute

Applied Math Modeling Announces Partnership with Gompute

CoolSim to run on Gompute – the HPC Cloud Service


Orlando, FL –October 1st, 2013 – Applied Math Modeling Inc., a leading provider of data center modeling software, announced today a partnership with Gompute to provide their Gompute HPC Cloud Solution for CoolSim 4.

“The selection of Gompute as a provider of our next generation HPC Cloud Computer provider was obvious based on their extensive experience serving the larger CAE market with their software and services,” said Paul Bemis, CEO of Applied Math Modeling. “This partnership will open the door for true data center design optimization, while continuing to drive down the cost of ownership. With access to hundreds of baremetal computational cores, multiple designs variations can be considered in the same time it takes for a single simulation using traditional “desktop” data center design tools. Customers can quickly and accurately determine the total cost to operate their data center, the maximum equipment loading for a given data center, and the optimal placement of cooling and thermal loads – all in a cost-effective cloud computing environment.”

CoolSim 4 allows users to predict the effect of failed cooling units and the energy savings related to optimizing airflow using techniques such as containment (Hot-Aisle/Cold-Aisle) or reduced fan speeds. And because CoolSim 4 is highly scalable, data center energy optimization occurs through the rapid manipulation of design parameters.

“We have realized for some time that to meet the needs of users in the data center modeling market, the issues of large scale, parametric based energy optimization were important,” said Bemis. “The partnership with Gompute provides CoolSim users with the software solution and horsepower to perform these increasingly complex simulations quickly and cost effectively.”

Daniel Persson, CEO of Gridcore AB, added, “We are very excited about this partnership with Applied Math Modeling Inc. We hope to help CoolSim users scale using the Gompute HPC cloud platform and be a part of the improved designs, analysis and optimizations which they can now perform. This partnership lets them focus on the simulation work without having to worry about other issues such as the use of large HPC resources, data centers and access to HPC experts. ”

Key features of new Gompute based CoolSim Simulation Facility:

·   Fully automated job submission and result retrieval process from within the CoolSim user environment. Users can also monitor jobs to insure the simulation process is proceeding correctly.

·  The ability to submit multiple simulations concurrently, opening the door to true design optimization techniques.

·  Each CoolSim simulation can leverage multiple cores (processors) to improve overall processing speed and reduce the time to completion for a single simulation.

·  Access to massive additional computational capacity to meet CoolSim users needs into the future.

CoolSim 4 is based upon an all new model building environment, which improves user productivity by allowing models to be built in multiple concurrent views. Thus, the data center model can be constructed using both 2D and 3D views at the same time. The option to use multiple display monitors is also supported, offering additional on-screen real estate for building more accurate representations of the data center.

Once built, the model is automatically submitted to the Gompute HPC Cloud Computing Service for processing using ANSYS®/FLUENT (CFD) technology. After the simulation is complete, HTML output reports and 3D visual images are produced and sent to the user. This mechanism allows users to perform multiple “what-if” studies of their data centers to determine the optimal placement of existing equipment, evaluate new or alternative designs, or visualize the effect of adding new equipment to an existing room.


Applied Math Modeling will be demonstrating CoolSim 4 this week at Data Center World (Booth #419)

About Applied Math Modeling

Applied Math Modeling develops application-specific simulation tools, driven by the rich set of industry proven ANSYS simulation engines. These applications are then delivered to the market using a hosted “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model that is particularly well suited for periodic or occasional users. This unique approach reduces end user IT complexity and overall cost of ownership. Visit www.CoolSimSoftware.com for more information or e-mail us at info@CoolSimSoftware.com

About Gompute

Gompute delivers a comprehensive HPC Cloud platform, for both in-house use and as a service. Gompute delivers a collaborative and highly productive work environment for geographically distributed engineering teams, using a vertical delivery of the needed components to accelerate your product development.

Gompute strives to be the natural choice for organizations in need of a secure and reliable partner for their HPC needs. By providing a wide array of building blocks for HPC environments we can help both to consolidate a internal environment, help burst to extra capacity when needed, or completely manage customer resources backed with a support organization of HPC professionals and application domain experts.

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