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Host your servers in a modern Datacenter.

Host your servers in the Gompute Datacenter

Gompute data center offers a complete solution for colocation or hosting of your equipment.

High Density

Redundant Power & Cooling


The data center

  • Located in Gothenburg city, Sweden
  • Well connected both by car and public transportation
  • Two kinds of AC power: Fully redundant (UPS, Diesel) as well as raw AC power special for high density HPC loads
  • Cold aisle containment
  • Professional preventive maintenance service
  • Discharge and unpacking room
  • Rooms available for rent at the Gompute office.


Physical security

  • Building and room access control
  • CCTV cameras
  • The whole site is owned and operated by Gompute

Redundant cooling

Gompute Data Center is equipped with a modern cooling system which is redundant and backed up by reserve power generators. The cooling is applied on the form of cold aisles.

AC power

  • In order to give the customer a larger degree of freedom regarding costs, AC power is provided with or without redundancy.
  • Power redundancy with UPS and reserve generators.
  • High quality AC power, specifically designed for feeding high density loads.
  • All dissipated energy is efficiently removed by the cooling system
  • The electrical power used at the data center is based on 100% CO2 free sources and completely renewable.