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Host your equipment  in our Data Center 

Space, Bandwidth, Power and Security 

That is all you need. Reduce you CAPEX with our Colocation services. 

Redundant Power & Cooling

Fully redundant (UPS, Diesel) as well as raw AC power special for high density HPC loads.

High Density

Our Data Center is ready to host High Density racks with required infrastructure.


Security is a main priority in our Data Center. Two factor access control, guards on duty and CCTV cameras will protect your hardware following the highest security standards.

We are 100% CO2-Free  

In order to give the customer a larger degree of freedom regarding costs, AC power is provided with or without redundancy (with UPS and reserve generators).  High quality AC power, specifically designed for feeding high density loads. All dissipated energy is efficiently removed by the cooling system. The electrical power used at the data center is based on 100% CO2 free sources (mostly renewable).

Professional Services

We use our Data Center to host our Gompute Cloud, so you will benefit from professional preventive services, and a skilled personnel with large experience in HPC installations.  You can manage your systems or get remote-hands from our support team.  

The Data Center

Located in Gothenburg (Sweden), is owned and operated by Gompute. Well connected by public transportation and with discharge and office rooms available,  we offer the  additional services required to complement your colocation.  

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