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CD-Adapco & Gompute

GOMPUTE, HPC-on-Demand & STAR-CCM+ /Power-on-Demand now in full  collaboration.

The leading CFD Software on the leading HPC cloud, CD-adapco and Gompute  announce full collaboration in the product licensing scheme, called, “STAR-CCM+ /Power-on-Demand”, which allows users to run STAR-CCM+ /Power Session simulations using on-demand cloud computing service of Gompute supporting public, private and hybrid clouds.
Gompute’s services allow users to exploit, secure and reliable, High Performance Computing resources over the Internet by paying for what they actually use. Gompute provides computing power, remote visualization, storage, system administration and support for applications provided by third party Gompute partners like CD-adapco. CD-adapco is the world’s largest independent CFD-focused provider of engineering simulation software.
The compelling benefits of STAR-CCM+ /Power-on-Demand for use with Gompute include:
  1. Increased power: Each license allows access to unlimited computing resources, either on your own cluster (which can run the Gompute software stack) or using cloud computing services of Gompute.
  2. Increased throughput: Each license allows unlimited number of concurrent sessions.
  3. Increased flexibility : Creation of a flexible simulation environment that expands and contracts based on your workload and target performance parameters, providing you with burst capacity
  4. Remote hardware accelerated graphics for PRE/POST operations to minimize data transfer requirements.
Designed around the principle of automation, the overriding goal of STAR-CCM+ is to make it easier for engineers to concentrate on engineering analysis, freeing them from the repetitive routine tasks traditionally associated with preparing and running simulations. This cooperative and integrated approach, that equals Gompute’s, allows engineers to focus their time on generating a constant stream of useful information to guide the design process, ultimately resulting in more innovative, better engineered products.
An Introduction to CD-adapco
CD-adapco has over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation. The scope of the activities extends well beyond software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in both CFD and FEA.
Consistently growing at an organic rate of over 17% per year, CD-adapco employs over 495 talented individuals, working at 21 offices around the globe, involved in dedicated support, software development and engineering services.
Our Purpose
CD-adapco’s principal aim is “Engineering Success.” We aim to help our customers to succeed through the application of engineering simulation, driving innovation in their products AND reducing the engineering time and cost associated with bringing those products to market.
An introduction to Gompute
Gompute on demand® is a Cloud HPC service oriented to Technical and Scientific users.
Gompute is owned, developed and operated by Gridcore AB in Sweden. Founded in 2002, Gridcore is devided in three areas: Systems Integration, Research & Development  and HPC as a service.
Gridcore has wide experience of different industries and applications, developed a stable product portfolio to simplify an engineer/scientist’s use of computers, and has established a large network of partners and collaborations, where we together solve the most demanding computing tasks for our customers. Gridcore has offices in Gothenburg (Sweden), Stuttgart (Germany), Durham NC (USA) and sales operations in The Netherlands and Norway.
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