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Gompute Bursting Cluster

HPC Simulation Platform – On Demand

Get your project done in time

No matter your location, access our platform for HPC performance. Applications are pre-installed, integrated and tested, – allowing you to focus on your simulations and CAE workloads that need more compute power – not queue systems, operating systems, MPI settings or hardware choices. Our solution are built using bare metal compute nodes tailored for CAE workloads, to ensure performance.

Pay for what you use

Gompute enables your company access to HPC bursting capacity for your simulations projects, reducing the TCO. You can choose hardware for your requirements and use it with a pre-paid credit or pay at the end of the month.    

Its there when you need it.

Several hardware configurations, pre-installed applications, quick access to support


High speed CPUs, Low latency and Large Memory nodes available for specific CAE workloads.                                                        


Your engineers need to focus on their simulations, we take care of the rest. From CAE Engineers to IT experts, our team will support you.


Applications from different vendors, ready to use (tuned and tested) on a single platform, integrated with experience.            

Remote Visualization

From Meshing to post-processing, all the work can be done in the Cloud to avoid large data transfer. 

Move your workflows

Own developed solvers or scripts?  Let us help with the transition or improve your workflows


Save costs and gain flexibility by using the platform only when needed.                   

Reduce waiting and simulation times

Gompute bursting allows you run when you need to. By using  hardware architecture configured to give high performance for CFD and FEM workloads, we aim to help reducing total simulation time and the project costs.   

Can I try the platform before buying?

We offer a 48 hour trial enabling you valuate the performance and workflow before buying. For applications that require a license we can help with the process to get a trial for the test. Please contact our team for more information.

Which applications are available?

Applications listed in the application page are pre-installed with several releases. Other Linux based applications can be installed and integrated upon request.

Can I use my own scripts?

Using Gompute Remote Desktop you can work with the applications own GUI in a Linux desktop. Our support team can help you to integrate your scripts and workflows with our queue system for an efficient usage.

Is my data secure?

Security is our main priority, your data is stored in our Data Center in Sweden.

Can I use VPN to the Bursting Cluster?

In this system a dedicated VPN is not possible, but we offer you the option of a private cluster if that is a requirement for you.

Is there additional costs, other than the core-hours used?

There is a monthly/yearly fee that gives you access to store your files, allows unlimited upload and download and connects license servers or hosts license files. This allows us to keep your data and simulation files for those periods that there is no simulation load.

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