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ANSYS and Keelwit

KeelWit® customers search for solutions to complex technical challenges they face in production environments. Keelwit addresses these requirements with advanced technologies such as aerodynamics and CFD, thermodynamics, optimization algorithms, thermal simulation, etc.

The use ofGompute® services has allowed us to win some keycontracts where one main constraint was lead time. We would not have been able to win these projects with ourown computationalresources.
Isaac Prada-Nogueira, CEO-CTO and Partner

Business Challenges

Engineering simulation allows KeelWit to perform multiple design studies of solutions before building the real scale solution.
The company has long experience in using CFD software packages.Vertical Wind Tunnel simulations for Indoor Skydiving, like one being constructed in Madrid, requires large meshes and compute intensive calculations.


Nowadays we include the Gompute HPC Cloud resource in all our project proposals, confident that our improvement in productivity will lower the total project investment.

José María Cancer.CEO-­CFO and Partner

Solution Proposed

In their engineering projects, there is a need to occasionally scale out from in-house workstations to large parallel computations during project lifetime. To accommodate these needs, KeelWit turned to Gompute, a ready to use HPC Cloud service.
Key factors in this decision was the possibility to use a flexible parallel computing resource, following a fluctuating project work load, combined with the ability to run more simulation jobs in a shorter period of time, while maintaining the required accuracy and with a high degree of flexibility.
Main reasons for choosing Gompute was its ready to use software environment, including a state of the art remote visualization solution, hardware suitable for HPC and a deep knowledge integrating CAE applications.


Without HPC and extra computational capacity we would not have been able to perform many of the speed and turbulence index simulations as well as the iterative improvements performed over the cooling system.

Isaac Prada, CEO-CTO and Partner


In some turbulence cases the simulation time has been reduced more than 50%, enabling additional operation conditions to be tested for the end client. This ensured that the design performed adequately in different scenarios. Our simulations will continue to grow both in terms of complexity and model size as we engage in our next project, a gas turbine and boiler which are
50% larger than our previous design. Thanks to our computational capacity we now can deliver a more detailed heat transfer and f luid mechanics studies to fulfil client demands.

Pablo José Cancillo. R&D Engineer

About Keelwit

Founded in 2011 and based in Madrid, KeelWit Technology is a Spanish engineering company that designs, develops and implements projects with a deep technological approach. Company focuses on three main areas: energy efficiency , CFD analyses and eco-friendly mobility solutions. KeelWit has simulated and later designed and built aerodynamic solutions for vortex shedding minimization in combined cycle plants in the Middle East, sand deposition in electric insulators in South America’s deserts, enhanced ventilation in a transformer substation in Africa, etc.