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Invenco and Gompute

Invenco and Gompute case study     Business Challenge INVENCO uses numerical simulations to solve engineering problems for their customers. The company is specialized in engineering design and FEM calculations for structures and crash safety systems for...

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Formtech and Gompute

LS-DYNA and Formtech case study     Business and engineering challenge For SME’s active in a cyclic market like motorsports it is important to be able to access HPC resources at the time of demand without the high capital expense of perpetual HPC...

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MARINTEK and Gompute

MARINTEK and Gompute case study     A synergy between physical and numerical modeling has always been MARINTEK’s strategy in its research and commercial services.  One of the important areas in our activity is the design support and performance prediction...

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European LS-DYNA Conference 2017

  Gompute will present at the European LS-DYNA Conference 2017, 9 - 11 May 2017, Salzburg, Austria   Do not miss the opportunity to meet the Gompute team at the European LS-DYNA conference in Salzburg. The conference will take place at “one of the most...

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ANSYS UK 2017 Customer Day

Gompute will present at the Ansys UK 2017 Customer Day, Leeds-Brighouse, Coventry. May the 4th The ANSYS UK 2017 Customer days are a great opportunity for our customers to be updated on: ANSYS Company News Emerging trends in CAE Fluids (CFD) products at release 18.0...

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