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MARINTEK and Gompute

MARINTEK and Gompute case study     A synergy between physical and numerical modeling has always been MARINTEK’s strategy in its research and commercial services.  One of the important areas in our activity is the design support and performance prediction... read more

ANSYS + Zitron

For years, Zitron has relied on ANSYS Fluent CFD software as an important design tool for in-tunnel ventilation systems, because of its wide range of physical models and its advanced turbulence simulation capabilities. A number of features of the ANSYS solutions suite... read more

ANSYS and Keelwit

KeelWit® customers search for solutions to complex technical challenges they face in production environments. Keelwit addresses these requirements with advanced technologies such as aerodynamics and CFD, thermodynamics, optimization algorithms, thermal simulation,... read more


Gompute platinum sponsor at OFW11

Gompute will be platinum sponsor at the 11th Openfoam workshop, in Guimarães, Portugal June 26th to 30th.   The OpenFOAM® Workshop is open to everyone regardless of origin and/or area of activity. The Workshop includes several training courses in different levels... read more

Gompute user meeting 2016

Gompute User Meeting 2016 – April 12-13   The Nordic Meeting for Technical and Scientific Computing Scandic Rubinen Hotel, Kungsportsavenyn 24, Gothenburg- Sweden Join us for a packed two day agenda where you will meet up and share simulation... read more